Sketchbooks into soap opera.

This September you can tune in to nightly episodes of Telenovela, a soap opera made out of my life and my sketchbooks (and the gap between them). Set in Brazil and the UK, it promises to be a thrilling adventure blurring fiction and documentary; with all the cliffhangers and mundanity you’d expect when you try and televise your life.

For exclusive links to every episode sign up to the Telenovela mailing list here. It will air each night at 9pm from 10th September 2022.

There are plenty of other things happening IRL. Don’t miss:

An outdoor cinema extravaganza with back to back episodes and live performance
A creative workshop exploring autobiography and art
An artist talk and dinner sharing glimpse of the making process

All events are free, places are limited and booking essential. Details coming soon.  #TelenovelaProject

Telenovela is commissioned by HOME and Islington Mill. It is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.