Never Going to be Carmen Miranda


Never Going to be Carmen Miranda was hatched out of a performance workshop I gave at Salford University for Visual Arts students. The idea was to work with something simple (an orange) and make up exercises, games and performances. I nailed a juicer to the wall and tied oranges to my head and squeezed the fruit. Juice collected in a champagne glass on the floor. In the end, that orange signified a lot for me. It’s about the  sticky subject of love. I thought about breaking up with my Brazilian boyfriend. I thought of Carmen Miranda, with fruit in her hair, exotic, in glorious Technicolor; as juice rolled down my face in Salford.

Here are some stills of the performance livestreamed from a church in Salford as part of Videoformes, a performance and film exchange between Salford University and Clermont-Ferrand, France. This performance included an introduction to the piece in French and a more ambitious head dress. I used more oranges this time, and a roll of paper to catch the juice as it rolled down my face and the wall. This time round it was more spectacular, silly and sort of harrowing.

You can watch a work in progress version of the performance at the University of Salford here:

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