Moon Landings


A one to one performance called Moon Landings first shown at SLAP in York. I set up a moon on top of a pub roof and invited people to sit with me, for a while, wrapped in a foil blanket, to look back on planet earth. To stop and wonder at it all. From that perspective, I wanted to know what moments you could still see from so far, what would be the things that stick out to you from your lifetime.

moon 2

This is a new performance that I am testing out, inspired by my work with people with dementia. You see, I am struck by what stays for a lifetime. What ensued were about ten unforgettable encounters, riveting conversations, brief and intimate disclosures.

moon 4

I was really touched by how open people were and willing they were to sit with me on the moon in the middle of their Friday night out. I have collected snippets of the stories I was told on a till roll from the bar, which I will publish soon- watch this ‘space’.

moon 5

Before I left the amazing people at SLAP I had time for a quick drink, a Blue Moon, naturally, and zoomed off for the last train to Manchester.

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