Last Thing to be Lost


In March I spent a week in Macclesfield looking for hope. I knew it was out there but it was feeling pretty thin on the ground. Sat on top of a lifeguard chair, I waited in different places around the town and people came up to sit with me and enjoy the slightly different perspective. We chatted about hope. Hope is a feeling that is much tougher than I had given it credit for, it is resilient and defiant. It really is the last thing to be lost. I collected hope from across the town, from Weston, Hurdsfield, The Grosvenor Shopping Centre and South Park and put them into an index of hope.

At the end of my stay people could sit on top of the lifeguard chairs at twilight in Sparrow Park, this time with a cold glass of cava and a hope from the index to hear. The complete index of hope was printed onto cards and given to the person when they returned to the ground.

A Barnaby Festival commission.

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