For six months, the National Theatre of Scotland in association with Shetland Arts invited all of Shetland’s inhabitants to explore our bittersweet relationship with the automobile for Ignition – how it shapes us, defines us, supports us, frees us, challenges our attitudes towards our dwindling resources and, sometimes, kills us.  The project culminated in ten days of immersive car-theatre.

I was invited to work on this project as The White Wife, part legend, part ghost, to collect car stories through unconventional methods. These included hitchhiking, serving Sunday Teas from a campervan, being a bus conductor and working on ferries, chasing mobile libraries and hanging out with the classic car club. Brilliant ways in to connect with people. This project has been a real joy to work on and I fell in love with Shetland.

You can see a video about my hitchhike here:

Ignition – The White Wife from National Theatre of Scotland on Vimeo.

You can see three books I made documenting the people I met and the stories they told in cars, on buses and on ferries.

Hitchhiker in Residence

On da Buses

Ferry Tales

You can some photos here:

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