Full Stops (or explanation marks!!!)

Learning to think in full stops (or explanation marks!!!)

I have a backlog of sketchbooks that I have been wanting to scan and share, here is one from 2014 in São Paulo.

(Recently I have questioned why I am bothering documenting the minutiae of my life as I am feeling ever more gutted by the injustices, inequalities and atrocities going on in in the world at large (I don’t know if the injustices, inequalities and atrocities are increasing or if my awareness of them is, maybe a combination of both). When I look at the world, I feel less like I belong in it. Maybe it’s good that there’s no way I can see the whole world in one go. By concentrating on what is immediately around me, on the ground, in my grasp, it gives me hope. Tiny but noisy things are happening that I have touched with my own hands: activism, creativity, love, kindness, resistance, community. And they are a fundamental and massive part of this big impossible-to-see picture of the world).

So like a shell at the bottom of the sea, long after the animal that lived inside it has left, this book is all that remains and shall be.

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