For the Record


Each day, over the course of a week in September, I walked the same bus route around St Helens that passed several historical places in the town. As I walked I bumped into alternative histories, offered by people I met on my way. I recorded each person’s voice and placed them on the map. On the last day I gave guided bus tours (top speed 40 miles an hour) of the route combining the official and unofficial heritage of St Helens.

Tour highlights: The Chantry, The House on Hope Street where Paul was born in 1974, The Taxi Rank where there was an exorcism, Marlene’s Bingo Hall, Mansion House, The College where Colin Grenhall learnt to make egg custards, The Museum that had a stuffed tiger that scared George as a boy, The Park that Paul the Driver spent many days with his two friends on three yellow bikes, Ant’s House before it got knocked down, Where The Beatles played, Lowe House, Burton’s where Neil bought the suit he wore for his wedding day, Michelle’s Bus Stop which took her to a different temp job each day and the World of Glass.

This was a Heart of Glass commission.

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