I have made projects with National Theatre of Scotland, Heart of Glass, BBC, Derelict Sites, Barnaby Festival, They Eat Culture, LeftCoast, Tate Liverpool, Duckie, Cornerhouse, Contact Theatre, Islington Mill, hÅb, The Lowry, Quarantine, David Hoyle, Small Things, Weeding Cane, University of Salford, Est.1761, Capital 35, Casa do Povo and Grupo XIX de Teatro.

Current cherished collaborations:

Eggs Collective
I am one third of Eggs Collective. We make sharp, fun, political performance that falls somewhere in the cracks between theatre and cabaret. We write, perform and produce all of our own work.We have performed in town hall ballrooms, on bars and in cinema auditoriums for organisations and events including the BBC, Duckie, The Royal Shakespeare Company, TEDx, Latitude Festival, Cornerhouse, Hatch, Contact, Library Theatre Company, Mother’s Ruin, Islington Mill, Abandon Normal Devices, Greenroom, hAb Arts and Kraak Gallery.



Hotpants Romance
I am another third in  the DIY girl garage band, Hotpants Romance. I play bass and we all write and sing the songs. This is my band with Kate (drums and vocals) and Laura (guitar and vocals). We have released 2 albums and toured all over the world from the UK, around Europe and as far as the USA. We have played in bars, beaches, charity shops, Cadillacs, festivals, cafes, clubs and even on Skype. We orginally formed on Valentine’s Day in 2005 and vowed to play one gig a year on this day, it turns out we performed a lot more than that, but true to our word, we have always played on each and every 14th February ever since.


Martha Kiss Perrone

I have made two performances and led various workshops with Martha in São Paulo: Roza in 2014 and Revolta Lilith in 2018. We led a series of workshops called Insurgent Bodies in 2017. We have toured across Brazil with these works at various festivals (Festival de Curitiba, Tempo Festival, WOW Rio) community centres and theatres. Most significantly was a tour of Roza around occupied high schools where we met student activists who became part of the show, and later formed their own theatre company, coletivA Ocupação. It is impossible to separate my experience in Brazil as an artist from my partnership with Martha.



Previous and important past collaborations:


I have lots of experience of working with people with dementia. I was Project Coordinator for Storybox, a creative storytelling project for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s when it was run by the Library Theatre and Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Between 2011 and 2014 I developed and designed interactive, fun, thematic worlds of make believe in a variety of settings across Manchester with Sara Cocker and Liz Postlethwaite. Now it delivered by Small Things and continues to pioneer innovative art experiences for older people.



The-Future-1The Future
The Future helped to produce The Secret Life of You and Me and Moon Landings. They officially provide technical, production and administration support for artists, but they make ideas (however hazy or scatty) become reality. In glorious, uncompromising punk rock technicolour.

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