I have made projects with National Theatre of Scotland, Derelict Sites, They Eat Culture, LeftCoast, Tate Liverpool, Duckie, Cornerhouse, Contact Theatre, Islington Mill, hÅb, The Lowry, Quarantine, Eggs Collective, David Hoyle, Small Things, Weeding Cane, The Lovely Eggs, University of Salford and Grupo XIX de Teatro. Here are some of my regular collaborators:

Eggs Collective
I am a regular performer with Eggs Collective, an all female group of writers and performers who make funny performances for festivals and cabaret nights. We have performed in town hall ballrooms, on bars and in cinema auditoriums for organisations and events including Duckie, The Royal Shakespeare Company, TEDx, Latitude, Cornerhouse, Hatch, Contact, Library Theatre Company, Mother’s Ruin, Islington Mill, Abandon Normal Devices, Greenroom, hAb Arts and Kraak Gallery.



Hotpants Romance
I am bassist and vocalist in DIY girl garage band, Hotpants Romance. This is my band with Kate (drums and vocals) and Laura (guitar and vocals). We have released 2 albums and toured extensively in the UK, around Europe and the USA. We have played in bars, beaches, charity shops, Cadillacs, festivals, cafes and clubs. We are ten years old.




I have lots of experience of working with people with dementia. I was Project Coordinator for Storybox, a creative storytelling project for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s when it was run by the Library Theatre and Paul Hamlyn Foundation. I developed and designed interactive, fun, thematic worlds of make believe in a variety of settings across Manchester with Sara Cocker and Liz Postlethwaite. Now it delivered by Small Things and continues to pioneer innovative art experiences for older people on ad-hoc residencies.



The-Future-1The Future
I have collaborated with The Future over the last couple of years. They officially provide technical, production and administration support for artists, but between you and me, they are the magic that make ideas (however hazy or scatty) become reality. In glorious, uncompromising punk rock technicolour. They advocate for the underdogs, they are active, they are kind.

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