I am an artist based in between Manchester, UK and São Paulo, Brazil. I make performances, interventions, books and objects. My work draws upon my training in visual art, experience in performance and commitment to social engagement.

I am interested in human experience, the mundane and the miraculous. I am fascinated by the multitude of stories happening around me and am driven to capture our lives in all their underwhelming glory. Micro-commemorations of everyday lives, things, events. I engineer unconventional circumstances in the hope of revealing bare truths and what we have in common. I like where art and real life meet, and play as much as I can with that, subsequently my life appears in my work and I also take my work out to non-art spaces and connect with people from all walks of life.

I place adverts in newspapers, write on steamed up windows, draw on napkins, take over train station tannoy systems, instigate riotous happenings in old people’s homes, conduct chance conversations and bespoke encounters. I slithered through rush hour in a slug costume made from a sleeping bag for my fine art degree show.

I have been an associate artist with The Future, an artist centred development collective, artist in residence at University of Salford and Hitchhiker in Residence for National Theatre of Scotland. I made my first solo show The Secret Life of You and Me, for the night of my thirtieth birthday. I am part of Eggs Collective a female performance racket in the north of England that falls somewhere in the cracks between theatre and cabaret; and I am part of Coletivo Rózà, a group of artists in São Paulo that made a performance called Roza, inspired by the letters of Rosa Luxemburg and protests in Brazil. This year I won a Manchester Theatre Award with Contact Young Company for  The Shrine of Everyday Things, an immersive, interactive journey through council houses waiting to be demolished. I am in the girl garage band Hotpants Romance and on Valentine’s Day this year we celebrated our eleventh birthday.


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